Saturday, June 21, 2008


The other day as I was heading out on Harbor towards the 405 FWY, my eyes wondered to a poster at a bus stop that in big, bold letters read, "YOU ARE READY TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE." I don't know that I would have been able to sum up what God has been leading me into until I saw that poster. For quite a while my siblings and I have talked about all moving back to the the Central Coast to settle down. Of course I came back with, "well once i find mr right then i'll meet you all up there." Ironically my plans never seem to quite go the way i think they will.... (I know, i long will it take to get that one?)
So (drum roll please) I AM MOVING TO SAN LUIS OBISPO this summer. It is such a bittersweet decision as I have such wonderful friends here and an incredible relationship with my roomies. When I was wrestling with the decision I sensed the Lord asking me "What do you want?" To which I replied, "BOTH--my life here and my family." "Honey, you can't have both." I knew then that to say "Yes" to one was to grieve the great loss of the other.
My life in Orange County the last 6 years has been a time of incredible community. God has used so many people in their unique way to form and impact me. I am so, so grateful for the season it has been. And now I walk into a new chapter, with many hopes and many unknowns. And the God who walked with me from Santa Maria and onto college in Santa Barbara, and from SB to Tucson and from Tucson to Orange County, will walk me from Orange County to SLO.
I am planning on leaving JULY 26. For you locals I think a going away party is in the works for Sat July 19 at night (save the date!)
Please be praying a few things during my transition:
  1. Being Present--that I would really stay present to the now and getting the closure i need here in relationships. Really being able to enjoy all that is here before me (o;
  2. Job- that my transfer would go through with Starbucks and God would put me at the store he has in mind (and provide some other income until Soul Care clients emerge)
  3. Expenses--it can get expensive with boxes, renting truck, buying new stuff (since I've shared for 6 years!)
  4. New roommate--the girls here need a new gal so pray the right one emerges

I found a place a few blocks from DOWNTOWN...Yippee!!!


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Katy said...

hi love! wanted to send some good love back since you've been so good on my blog!! so excited for you and didn't know you wer leaving so soon!! prayers are with you...