Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ahhh yes...you've been waiting for this post a long time. Has the suspense been killing you?

For the first time in little Cassidy Jordan Sullivan's short life she has experienced the joy, sorrow, excitement, uncertainty, ups and downs of what every little girl, at some threshold in her life, has vulnerably put herself out on a limb for: THE SLEEPOVER!

Yes, with great courage and grace, Cass packed her suitcase and made the 35 minute trek from Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo to experience the throws of a girls sleepover. And this was not just any girl, but a sleepover with her Auntie Sue!

Lucky little Christopher got to stay as a privileged insider for the early portion of the nights festivities. Here is a short recap to the exciting events:

First things first, they were "framed" for our board of guest pictures.

Making popcorn with Chris. Quite a helper and good sound effects!

Enjoying the results over The Care Bears Movie!

Move over Giada...here comes the Cass' Cupcake Hour!

The 4 a.m. "little throw-up mishap" is being deleted due to viewer sensitive material. Please be cautioned that Susie's hands became the bowl and the author has been consulted to withhold images of contents.

Morning makeover...

Conclusion: The Sleepover was a smashing success (minus 4 a.m mishap and comfort cartoons til 8am). We will do it again for sure!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what an adorable couple kids! How great of you to do all of that for them and with them. You're the best! How about those faces? ... What a clan we have.
Love, RCS

Anonymous said...

Super-Star Children! With an Awesome Aunt!

Tattoos and High Heels said...

These photos are so cute, love the blog Suz keep it up! :)

Michael said...

Great... I'm glad you took out the throw up part.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Susie! We love you! RCS

steph said...

i love the "frame" pic~ what a cute idea =) i can't believe how much little chris looks like his uncle michael when he was that age~ those blonde curls ;) my aiden had those blonde curls until we finally cut them off shortly after his 2nd bday~ you're such a fun aunt, susie!