Sacred Offering Retreat Weekend
God has put a unique design on the feminine heart that requires courage, risk, and, above all else, great vulnerability.  Will we risk offering the unique story God is telling through the pages of our story?  Can we ever return to living with an open heart when so much of our life, world, and experience has told us to protect ourselves and play it safe?  Sacred Offering: The Gift of a Woman’s Vulnerability is a weekend designed to call forth your new heart in Christ and invite you onto this sacred path.  Together we will encounter a God who longs to dwell and inquire of our heart while experiencing the powerful and redemptive elements of authentic community.

Soul Care Intensive Workshops

What does it mean to trust in the Potter’s process of forming and shaping us?  You may find yourself asking, “With so many cracks, should I invest in others?” Soul Care Intensive Workshops are designed for those who long to share Jesus’ love with others but feel the affects of the “cracks” in their own life that get in the way.  Workshops teach to what it means to be created in the image of God, what our deep thirst and longings reveal, and how, in Christ, we have been given the divine dignity to choose a new direction in where to go to fill these desires.

God Story Retreat
(Learning to Love the Master Retreat Manual by Patti Cepin)
This group retreat creates silence and solitude to listen and learn to hear the voice of God.  Mornings begin with teaching and continue with quiet times of reflection and journaling asking, “God where were you in the pages of my life?  What were you saying?  What were you doing?” Each day ends sharing the story God is revealing in community.  You’ll learn how to hear more clearly the voice of God over the other voices that get in the way.  If you’re longing for deeper intimacy with God, come, Learn to Love the Master...and just how much He loves you!

More retreat topics will be added soon.

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