Monday, June 28, 2010

Let them eat cake! (Birthday Bash)

I LOVE Cake!

So when it came time to plan my 29th birthday (again...funny how that happens), I knew exactly what I wanted...MADONNA INN CAKE! And not just one piece but SEVERAL pieces.

I was inspired by my friend's wedding. She got the Toffee Crunch Cake which was, seriously, out of this world! The toffee was airy, sweet goodness and blended perfectly with the fluffy, moist vanilla cake and whipped creme frosting.

We ordered 6 pieces!!!!
  1. Toffee Crunch
  2. Pink Champagne
  3. Lemon Coconut
  4. Carrot
  5. Banana Nut
  6. Black forrest (minus cherry... chocolate and cherries don't mix for this chica!)

My brother made a tally sheet for each one of us to grade the cake on a scale of 1 to 5. Appearance, overall taste, aftertaste, frosting/filling...and, as usual, the Shaws were not lacking opinions.

The overall winner was...

Toffee Crunch Cake!!!

My mom rolled her eyes in sweet exstasy as she bit in and was reminded of her favorite Cadbury chocolate bar filling. A close second was...

Banana Nut... I know, it took us off guard!? But it was moist, flavorful, and delish! (Note: Katie decided upon returning home and eating more cake that Lemon Coconut was her favorite).

Of course Cass & I voted Pink Champagne #1 for appearance!

What truly made the night delightful was none other than...THE CASS!

Since the Madonna Inn was such a novelty to her, being her first time, she turned each corner of the hotel lobby with total giddy, shock and awe. SO MUCH PINK!!!

They even had a toilet and sink just her size! (um...other restaurants and public areas take note, this is a brilliant idea!)
Thanks Shaw Family for yet another memorable and special Birthday!

p.s. Guess what? That was not the end of it...Friday night was the Drive-In for Toy Story 3. Then Saturday I warmed a cinnamon roll from Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo and read all my cards, got a pedicure (thanks to Kathy Luch) and played at the pool with Deb. I finished the day with the Seafood Feast (crab people...yummers) at Red Lobster with Mom, Dad, and Michael then headed to mis padres to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Seriously, this was a GOOD birthday! Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and love. My heart is FULL!


Tattoos and High Heels said...

Love it! We think we NEED a slice of that toffee crunch cake next time we make it up that way! Fantastic Bday celebration and more to come when the package from K&L arrives this week!

Susie said...

Arrived today...thanks bunches. You were very generous and my hair thanks you (o; seriously have you seen those roots!?

Beck said...

Sounds like a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

My heart -and stomach- are still full. Great times! RCS

Anonymous said...

I certainly loved that 'Toffee Crunch' topping. We had a lovely evening but I think want no more cake until the next birthday!