Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Pages

I know these excerpts have been longer than my usual blog but I hope hearing a little of my story is meeting you in yours.

The early portion of this book looks bleak (as the confusing backdrop or mundaneness of our day-to-day stories often do).  Yet... His ways are not our ways; He is more comfortable with discomfort, patient with the process, gradual with his revelation, and poignant in his timing with truth for glory.

Listen in on these last pages of chapter one and know this is NOT the end of the story, just the disheveled beginnings of something He alone makes
B R E A T H T A K I N G !


Anonymous said...

I can really identify with your feelings and problems. It is not only missionaries who are attacked in the sexual realm by Satan. I think a lot of Christian women young and old could identify with all you have to say.

I'm sorry I could not help you more at that time. I did the best I could but I was not in very good health myself then.

Anonymous said...

Your love and faith are extraordinary! XXOO RCS

Anonymous said...

Suz, this is good stuff. I remember this part of "the story" so clearly. You are lovely.


Michael said...

We love you Suz! But all I could think about was that basket of laundry--I know, I know. So typically Ig.

Susie Shaw said...

Ig you are somethin' else!? actually i noticed to and didn't like it but I had such a short window to video. new developments coming soon (o;

Jaime said...

I loved the laundry basket btw, perfect for the topic of vulnerability, very real to life. I actually wondered if you did it to make a statement LOL. I love your book so far, thanks for sharing. I'm going to quote you on my fb. I really love the story your telling because I think many women are going to think "this sound like my story...maybe then there's hope for me too. " xoxo

Rose Vernon said...

Thank you for sharing Susie. I was in tears most of the time because I can relate so well to your story.