Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Arts: F.C. Shaw of Sherlock Academy Series

This is her debut novel

Well I am quite giddy about this week's guest artist.  It is none other than my beautiful, creative, and inspiring sister-in-law, Farah Shaw (otherwise known as FC Shaw), and her book series, Sherlock Academy!

The way I recently described her series to a friend is, "think Harry Potter only sorcery is replaced with mystery. Sherlock Academy reintroduces readers to the wonderful world of Holmes & Watson and a new generation of crime solving sleuths--and a quirky lot of folks they are!"

Now, here's a little more about the lovely author.
Farah and my brother visited London last spring for research.  

FC Shaw has been writing stories since she was eight years old. While she pursued teaching as a career, it was always her secret wish to write and publish someday. With the encouragement of her husband, she pursued her secret wish. Last summer, she debuted with her first children’s mystery Sherlock Academy. This summer she introduced her sequel called Watson’s Case. This children’s mystery series is geared for middle readers (ages 8-11 years old). FC Shaw is currently writing the third book in the series and is busy with author visits at elementary schools.

The most recent addition to the series

For more information on Sherlock Academy and FC Shaw, visit her website or email her at 


Anonymous said...

The Fauf and The Suz make a sizzling, dynamic duo.
XXOO Friends of Watson

Anonymous said...

Farah in a red phone booth. We love it.