Monday, August 16, 2010

Brokenhearted: Prologue

This week we're gonna get some tid-bits from my working manuscript.  Not sure how much I will share but I hope in sharing a bit of it Jesus breathes life and hope into your journey. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

This video was easy to listen to and worked well.

I agree with you Susie that Jesus' love is the answer to recovering from Life's disappointments whatever they may be. His love is better than any other found here and can fulfill a life.

Love Mum

Jaime said...

I love it! Its so good. really. The only part thats frustrating is that I can't keep reading it! If this book were on the shelves, I'd drive to the bookstore right now to buy it and I would finish the book before morning. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to read it~ its beautiful xoxo

Susie Shaw said...

Ok jaime get me to your church and i'll teach it! Let's set up a wknd retreat. Seriously.

There are some agents who really like the material but want me to have a pre-established "platform" before they'd sign on. Basically a large group of people saying, "Yes, yes we would like to hear more please." Publishing houses are super picky these days on who they sign.

So PLEASE spread the word on my book & blog and I would love to come speak. God keeps saying "Tell our story" so I'd love an opportunity to do just that!

let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for opening your heart and sharing. You're
very insightful. I'd very much like to read your book!

Susie Shaw said...

Thanks. Please become a fan of my facebook page (see link on blog) That way when it comes out (either through a publishing house or self-published) I can send you one. Keep praying I'd be opne to how God wants this to unfold and obedient.