Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not forgotten

hi bloggin world.

you are not fogotten, just delayed.'s been a long week for this girl.

lovely, but long.

new niece.

trip to l.a.

trip back from l.a.


adding another part-time job.

workin' the weekend.

love you all but...

ahhhhhhhhh....this girl is going to sleep.

friday arts will return next week.

hope you all enjoy a restful weekend.

i am sabbathing from friday at 3 til saturday at 3...join me.



Michael said...

Good... Take a break. Enjoy it. But at 3 today, I'll be looking for your work.

Anonymous said...

You were a great help and support. Thanks! Love, RCS

Anonymous said...

Emma Rose has a beautiful aunt!

Anonymous said...

I hope we'll soon be able to read more of your blogs. It was a very exciting if tiring week.