Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm sitting here staring at this screen in angst, "I need to write a blog!"  It's mid-week already and no blog!

Com' mon, com' mon something...


Thinking, thinking.

(10 minute web browsing interlude).

Nothing. I got nothing.

(Facebook updates, check.)


I need something.  What is there possibly to say?

My mind wanders to just three hours earlier, sitting on a bench at Mitchell Park having the same same kind of moment with God.  "Lord, here we are again...where is this going? What do you have? Guide me into what's ahead."

Wait for it...



No answer?

I want inspiration...and I WANT IT NOW!

I feel like a 3 year old huffing, pouting, with arms crossed "God, what is this all about? My circumstances. This season of life. Tell me."

It's not how it works is it?

Revelation.  Healing.  Truth.  It doesn't come necessarily when I think it should.

The longing for it is good. I need a compass, a north star to guide my days. Hope, dreams, discernment for the future are important.

Yet...yet... (drumroll please)

It's not about what is coming, understanding and knowing where I'm going and what's ahead.

It'd about f a i t h, trusting in what I don't yet see, and receiving today, as today, that's enough.

Being in the now.  

Enjoying the IS.

Being present to the moment and finding i n s p i r a t i o n is right now!

God is in the moment.  

And he wants me as I am.  In the IS. Not worrying about the what will be?

Blank screen filled. (:


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing Suz! True this! My friend was telling me just Monday that we will never have any of the moments we live back, and that God is not just about giving whatever it is you are waiting for, He is about being with you in the moments you live and wait and He savors those because they will never be again. Here is to being with Him in the NOW!! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a lot of musing about nothing and you still filled the page.... Life is what's happening while we're dreaming about tomorrow. XXOO RCS

Anonymous said...