Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sharing the J O Y !

You see that lovely face and that giddy beyond measure smile?  That's one of my best friends Lindsay, who I affectionately call my Lindsay Lou.

She got engaged Sunday night to a very special young man, Kyle.

And to say I'm ecstatic for her is an understatement.

See, Linds and I met when she was a junior at University of Arizona,a young Christian turning her life back to Jesus.  I was a new staff girl with Campus Crusade and, in many ways, learning what it meant to be a Christian all over again.  It started out as a mentoring relationship and evolved into a friendship.

But somehow the word friendship seems inadequate to carry the weight of what we've shared together over the years...


    Companions on the journey

        Warriors for each others hearts


                 Kindred spirits


                           Best friends

There's something about walking out life over the years and being able to look back at the seasons and go "Yea, remember when..." or " You used to...but now..." or "I think you struggle with this because of this..." or "You know how in your story... well I feel this from you, wanna talk about it?"

It is SO rare...and I feel blessed, BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE that I have been gifted a friend like her.  It's been hard won at times but so, so worth the journey we've forged.

And so when a day as special as this happens for someone do dear, it's as if the joy is my own. I get a little taste of what Jesus is trying to get across through his life...your life is not your own.  Life is better shared.  Give your life, share your life, offer you life...and you will know me and my kingdom.

Thank you Jesus, that for every special relationship, friendship, and marriage were drawn to we are getting a sacred peek at what we were created to share in... L O V E .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Linday is terrific! Best wishes to all.
Happy 2011

Anonymous said...

You're The Best