Tuesday, February 1, 2011

7.25 in 2010

In the singleton community we are drawing near that infamous time of year ...V DAY.


It's near.  And honestly I am feeling okay about it.

Thus, I think it time to invite my readers into the exciting, but not so eventful, dating life of yours truly.

2010 started off with a bang!  New Years resolutions abounded and I harkened into the year "I will take more risks!"  Risks with writing, in friendships, in ministry, and in my non-existent dating life.  I resolved that 2010 would be the year of 12 dates.  A date a month and if a date was missed I would try to make it up in the forthcoming months.

December 31st 2010= 7.25

Yep, 7.25 dates in 2010.

That's a 75% attrition from last year ( :

It started off "putting myself out there."  As in, making room for someone and putting my feelers out there.  I asked a handful of friends in different networks of people to help with my venture and if anyone interesting, not necessarily Romeo but a good guy, came to mind then to try to connect us.  It started off with a lot of encouragement, a few connections, but not a whole lot panning out.

I even decided to revisit that infamous website known to create harmony in peoples dating lives (this was no small miracle!).  Sadly it only ended up wreaking more havoc and hours of note writing in my day-to-day life to no avail (whatever happened to the simple meet and greet...the endless emails and calls? I'm over it...well for now).  

Then a set-up happened that was unexpected.  A few more dates with him ensued.  It was really nice to "date."

Then a friend with potential reemerged and another few outings came my way. (He remains a friend but the potential seems to have died).

Then a Starbucks customer developed a barista crush on me and another "am I really doing this?" night ensued.

Then came .25 (yea, I know you've been wondering).  Another friend was exploring this harmonious internet dating world and thought her date a better match for me than her.  I came to "hang out" with them over a casual lunch. And while nothing came of it, dang was that guy hot ( :  (I'm just sayin').

So what am I to make of 7.25 in 2010?

I don't know?  I'm just really glad I risked something.  And while it didn't lead to Prince Charming it did put me in the presence of some good guys.  I am better for their company.

So whatever your circumstance singletons of this bloggership, let's take some risks in 2011!  It may look different for you then me (perhaps it's choosing to stay single for a year, putting yourself more out there with that "friend with potential," or simply understanding more deeply your Belovedness in Christ... which by the way is no simple task.)

Here's to celebrating H O P E.   BEAUTY.  THE OFFERING OF YOUR LIFE. Trusting that HE sees, and perhaps one day someone else will be invited to share in this life with delightful you!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the action, Suz. 2011 could be IT.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you that you would meet some suitable guys in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Have a great week! Luv you and your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Susie.