Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

Like I said, I've been sluggish.

Then the whammy, resigned.

Then the h o p e. There is a different path.

So you think I'd go ahead and walk it.


Good old resignation greeted me the next morning.

But h o p e  floats.  She was still there, gestating within.

I got up to take a walk. Something I started doing last year and, boy, did it open up my mornings to worship. To open my tired eyes.

Of course that was when we were in our warmer weather. Now all I want to do is hit snooze, crank up the space heater, and close my eyes for just a little longer.

Well this morning I woke up.

I chose to get out of bed.

And w a l k it out. One little step in front of the other.
A subtle shift, the heavens didn't open up the earth didn't rattle, but a little shift took place inside.

Which o p e n e d something up quiet-like inside. And my weary eyes opened wide to see these lovely ladies.

And things got a little bit cozier inside and he felt a little bit closer. My soul reminded of the safe dwelling place that resides within.

 The light started to get brighter.
 And the colors in the everyday met me unexpected, much more brilliant.

And it brought me back to my favorite place overlooking the neighborhood. But more so, a favorite place within where the quiet little shifts take place that seem small and no biggie at first, but o p e n me up to an encounter. 

A lovely little doorway that cracks open to allow Him to show me His life in the everyday, to welcome His kingdom among me. But most importantly t r u s t in this ebb and flow life that He is good. He has me. And that there is much more wide open terrain to be explored.


Anonymous said...

Walks can be very invigorating and nice. I'll keep walking too.... RCS

Anonymous said...

One of those spiritual walks that can be so uplifting. You have a nice neighborhood to walk in.