Friday, May 24, 2013

Celebration Friday

Wow! This week came and went quick.  It's been so windy here lately, but I kinda like hearing the trees  swoosh this way and that.  Like I said SLO is a very temperate climate so any kind of weather different from norm is kinda fun!

This week I'm celebrating....

A change in pace staying at Auntie D's for the week.
 Playing with this little puffball.
Laughing hysterically as my niece yells, "No shark!"in a speak to the hand, no nonsense way.  I was invited to come in the boat, as she envisioned the wild Pacific waters of her living room floor and our lives together at sea.  This was complete with flip flop paddles, plastic food rations (in metallic gold purse), sunnies and princess tiara for Auntie Sue all with baby Ava in tow. Whew! What an epic adventure for a Thursday night!
And a home-going of beloved church friend, Christina.
Photo courtesy of Alex Creswell
Beautiful girl, I did not know you well and yet you tenderly invited me into your journey of faith and suffering.  You blessed me by your quiet presence and bold questions towards life with God, suffering, healing, and h o p e. You awed me with your beauty as you struggled with the questions...why me? why cancer? why not healing? Yet as your friends we will all attest, something profoundly beautiful, fragile yet firm was blossoming in the center of your being this whole time.  In the end, as we read your wrestling and updates on your blog, we saw your wings beginning to take flight.  Delicate and new, sometimes soaring other times perched in the tension of your last days.

But now Christina, you s o a r.  Your Beloved has welcomed you into your new home.  Where now you can clearly see what you only saw here on earth in part.

Lovely lady, you are h o m e. Reminded of the love of your husband whom so reflected His light these last days on this earth. But now fully in the presence of the one you've longed to embrace .

Christina, we love you and we will miss you.  See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you survived your sea venture. Love and best wishes for a great weekend ahead with
Lindsey. RCS