Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebration Friday

Ah, Friday! And I get Saturday, Sunday, and Monday OFF!  B l i s s.

Well the bag sale last weekend was a giant success! Surprise, surprise. As much as you can fit in a grocery bag for $5?  How could it not be?  The most bags I saw someone buy was 10! 10?! That's a lot of stuff!

This week I'm celebrating...

(Pause. I'm not celebrating some bug I got on my computer that is interfering with writing this post! Grrr....)

This beauty in my life....
My Auntie D is somethin' special and it was her birthday this week! I love getting to live in the same town, share in her life, and, uh, share in her clothes! Yes, indeed, we showed up as twinsies last night for farmer's market.  In fact, it's because of this aunt (who mind you is famous with my friends) that outfits me with lots of clothes that I get to look half as cute as I do (Yes, I think I look cute). We have such a special relationship.

Yup, we gathered at her adorable little cottage to watch these kiddos and take them to SLO's famous farmer's market. Though to me, last night felt more like a busy day at Disneyland out there on Higuera Street!

Be still my heart!  This little fella cracks me up. Anytime I say smile Coders, he doesn't even let me take the pic before he wants to look at it on my phone. He is such a ham!

Cass had some birthday money and made a bee line for the strawberry stand. So cute watching her use money, count it, and take receipts. After a purchase at Bath & Body Works (which by the way is having a HUGE sale) she received a coupon and asked, "Does that mean I get something for free?" Well that's one way of looking at it. Ah, the joys of entering the consumer world.

I'm also celebrating these two....
Yep, if it wasn't for them none of these little guys would exist. And that's
a m a z i n g to me. Out of l o v e these lives exist.  Last night they celebrated 15 years of marriage! I've known my brother-in-law for over half my life now.  Such a gift to be able to share in their family life.

And wouldn't you know it, God had a little serendipitous moment for us last night at Farmer's when we ran into their flower girl downtown....

Look at that cuteness on the far left! Each of us siblings nannied for her and her 5 other sisters! at some point. They are and will always be such a special family to us!

And now it's TGIF time and off to work I go! Have a blessed weekend, graduation, Father's Day and whatever else you got going.  Enjoy it, be in it, receive it, and thank the Lord for it. For every good and perfect gift is from Him!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great blog and exciting and fun photos.
Your new summer hairstyle is awesome. Have an extra nice long weekend! I love you... and all you do. RCS