Friday, May 9, 2014

Taste and See the Lord is Good (and the hands that prepared it)

Just look at that giddy girl! She is all systems GO! Ready to tackle the food at our wedding. Scratch that, she is delighted and coming alive stepping into some of who she was created to be: a woman who creates spaces of welcome through tasty pleasures and soulful conversation.  Lindsay!

Lindsay is a wife, friend, cook, blogger, librarian, spiritual director, soul care giver, auntie, Jesus follower....

This pic is the day before the wedding, prepping everything to hand the baton off to another joyful servant (she was in the wedding--who does that? Caters a wedding while being in the wedding!?). If I was prepping food for 170 people I would be a nervous wreck! Lindsay on the other hand is thriving! From doing a mock up buffet table weeks prior to dancing around Costco buying her supplies, this girl comes alive in the preparations.

I got a little hint at her catering potential when special occasions or holidays were coming up back in The Chestnut House days (our old roommie stomping grounds). The night before Lindsay would lay out on the counter all her supplies. I'd just chuckle in my heart at Linds being Linds. An echo of the One who delights in her creative joy!

Lindsay feels God's pleasure creating delectable goodies to be enjoyed by all.  And she does it all in Jesus' name.

Most the attendants at her catering events are clueless, they may only know she made lovely things to savor and was really attentive and kind.  They may notice her pretty preparations and special touches...

The simplicity of her ingredients but the delectable essence in a dishes combination of flavors.
See that dip that man is getting his hands on...
He. Has. No. Idea. What's. Coming.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken dip!

I remember sitting down to try to grab a bite with Rob. We both sunk our teeth into the tortilla chip covered in this goodness and let out a deep sigh....YUMM! What was in this delectable bite?

But you know what really got me? The hands that prepared it. We pray that a lot, don't we? Thank you Lord for the hands that prepared this.

Everyday we receive gifts because someone else was willing to do the preparation.

Lindsay, thank you for teaching me about the joys of preparation. Thank you for your endless joy and exuberance at all things food and hospitality. Thank you for showing me you really can have "nothing" in the fridge and make a lovely meal. Thank you for thinking through the details while keeping a vision of the heart behind it.  Thank you for the endless hours you put into imagining the food, table, set-up, and service for our wedding.  Thank you for your blog that not only teaches us but shows through your authenticity and vulnerability that food preparation is a spiritual act. God loves to converse with us in the sacred moments popping up in the everyday!

I love you! Mr. F and I are overjoyed at your new food endeavors catering. May the recipients be blessed by the hands that prepared it, in Jesus' name.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes to beautiful Lindsay... a great and special friend to all of us! Love, Dad & Mum Shaw