Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrating Summer

Yesterday, I walked downtown to meet a friend for lunch and, ahhhh...., the air was sweeter, the sun was dancing her brilliant show, and I had an extra skip in my step celebrating summer. Oh summer, you bring such spontaneity, fun, rest, and play.

I wrote a chalkboard sign in the shop the other week, "Summer gives laziness the respectability it deserves." Can I get an amen?

But beyond just laziness, summer gives us all permission (wish we didn't need it) to slow down, take ourselves less seriously, say yes to the unexpected evening out with friends, not hesitate to do something out of the of the ordinary, open up a little more to a lingering conversation, and worship God in His manifold wisdom, gifting us with seasons. How wonderful that we have been given seasons!

A season we cast out nets anticipating the good things, satisfying things, we will get to enjoy.... 

A season of abundant fruit, unexpected provisions and generosity that settle us, awe us, magnify Him, and display everyday glories and graces to all.

A season of laughter, playfulness, silliness, and plain ridiculousness! The behavior that laughs at shame and fear, welcoming the arms of the Father and trusting his generous heart.

A season that open us up, inviting us to have a seat, stay for a while, enjoy the view, and be rejuvenated.

Ah, summer, we welcome you with o p e n arms!

p.s. today I'm linking up with Sue over at Welcome Heart to taste and see the LORD is g o o d.
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Anonymous said...

Summertime... and the liven is easy. See you in Tahoe! Love Dad

Sue Donaldson said...

AMEN, SISTA!! What a beautiful reminder of rest and grace, beauty and seasons. Thanks, susie! and love the quote - we NEED that permission for lazy-daze. (Amen again.)