Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finding Home

Is home a place?
Is it people?
Is it a spouse?
Is it God?
The theme of home has haunted me the past year. It seems to crop up at every turn, yet I'm not entirely sure what God is alluring me into with these images. Songs seem to talk about, wall art seems to bear it's sentiment, children exude it's essence...All I know is i am left with a panging heart and a lingering hope. My heart finds home in so many places, people, and things and yet they're never quite enough. But I still long for it.


Anonymous said...

Susie-- Your blog is bursting with bloginess. I never knew you were turning into such a blogger. I shall bookmark it and look you up!

-Michael, the brother

Fa la la...and Other Susie Shaw Musings said...

yes my brother.. the blogger exists inside of me, your evangelistic but subtle approach won me over!