Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let them eat cake!

Her royal highness turned "3" this weekend and requested a party at Waller Park, "Mommy I see pink. I see yellow. I see white candles!" My niece is such a girly girl. When I was going up the stairs at her "vacation house" (my sister is in transition looking for a new home) she chirped, "Auntie Sue, beautiful earrings!" Moments like this are why I feel good about my decision to move back to the central coast. I found a place, HURRAY! Just waiting to see when the transfer will go through. It's time to move out from "The Orange Curtain" and go back to my roots.

In other news, Susie will now rate here summer movies:

Ironman **** 4 stars. common it was just good ol' comic book drama! and looking forward to the sequel with yummy samuel jackson!

Indiana ** Oh you are so hot Harrison Ford (well i am biast to han solo but indy works) however I am just over the whole (warning: this will ruin film) spaceship obsession Mr Spielberg.

Sex and the City: ??? You will have to ask a sibling..hhhhmmmm Lisa?

Prediction: BATMAN! the previews look AMAZING! Can heath get an academy award even if he has passed on?

More movie reviews to come and maybe I'll get cheeky like my bro and rate them by favorite meals.
Signing off...

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