Tuesday, November 18, 2008


She's back.
She's been gone for 7 months and quite frankly I liked it that way.
But she's crowned that little face of hers and I know I have to acknowledge her now. Even reform our relationship.
I hate that! Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate her but she requires so much of me!!! I mean I can't go in (pardon me) half-ass. She requires all of me and, well, that is vulnerable. Scary. Unknown.
But I know I have to do it!
Face her.
Talk to her.
Wait for her.
Restore relationship with her....


Can we even call her a book...musings?...thoughts?...manuscript?...but book sounds too much!
So many friends have fought for our relationship, prayed for our relationship, and now it's up to us to forge this path before us...The THIRD Manuscript!!! The reliving of the story. The whole premise for which Sacred Offering: The Gift of a Woman's Vulnerability got her name.
I promise to be tender with you, patient but thorough in my dealings with you. I will not tear you apart but treat you gently with forbearance and grace.
Oh dear...she's calling...she wants me to share more.
To be continued....

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! SHE is BACK for a third apocalyptic meeting and battle... Best of luck... reduce, reduce.... have one target reader in mind, and keep those paragraphs short and to the point... Pretend you're writing a simple personal letter to an 18,20, or 22 year old
girl who is about to enter the Castle....XOXOXO
The Muse and Ghost of C.S. Lewis, Esquire