Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fabulous Fall Part II

Adorable Chris and Cass Trick or Treat! (ok the parents are not all that bad either)

IG and FAUF do it up Martha Stewart Style with a dress-up dinner party on the theme of "Power" (You make Martha proud!)

On a more serious note, I went to Orange County where my friends Kirk and Sandra Keller renewed their wedding vows. Honestly, the most beautiful, Life-giving ceremony I've been to! It painted a true picture of the covenant (yes I'm saying covenant IG and Fauf!) between husband and wife and the image it is of Christ and the church--passion, sacrifice, desire,and surrender to name a few.

Tristan Gonzales & Ethan Wayman meet for the first time! It's just the coolest thing to see your friends have babies!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and exciting stuff- You sure get around! XXXX Signed.... Retired in Orcutt

Michael said...

Love this blog Suz. It has the makings of an award winning blog. Ig and Fauf, Cass and Toey, The Nook... I mean, who could ask for more?

Fa la la...and Other Susie Shaw Musings said...

Ummm you mean the Cottage I have taken the name The Nook (o;

Anonymous said...

Yes, The Cottage and Nook both look awesome!
Happy Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving to the one and only Fa La La!!!!!! I.L.Y.