Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SLO Children's Discovery Museum

This weekend the Cass and Christopher along with their happenin' mom, Katie, came to SLO and we finally got to go to the SLO Children's Discovery Museum. Here were some of the highlights:

Shopping with Cassidy and fireman Chris

Playing dress up and having a little show on the stage

The new "Mr Wonka" of the fam (move over Iggy) driving his bus

Watching my sis delight in her little doodleloops!

What a fun day! These kiddos just crack me up all the time. I loved watching them discover new things. I'm learning a lot all the time from being in the moment, playing, sharing, the importance of time-out, the value of good parenting, taking risks (though Chris may need to learn more about the value of restraint!)

Until next time, over and out.


Anonymous said...

FUN! Thanks for all your pictures and blog... Have a great weekend!
Love, Old Man River

Michael said...

WHY WASN'T I THERE!!!! I love these little Doodles all dressed up!