Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going into the Land

I'm going to a conference tomorrow--Catalyst West. Some great speakers are gonna be there and key leaders from around the Western United States, but you know what... I don't think it's is about them?

It's about us. Me & Him.

Going to this conference is more symbolic. It's saying: I'm here, God has prepared me (or so He says), and it is time. Going to this represents stepping back in for me.

Like Moses going to the Promise Land, Okay Lord I'll go only if you come with, though I'm not sure you picked the right guy and I've never seen it... only felt it in the core of my being. But because you say so...

Like Joshua, stepping into the Promise Land with courage because he had gone with Moses this far and knew it was His turn to lead the people.

Like Paul, who came from one land (Jews) and was invited to a new land (Gentiles) all because God had said he was the chosen one for these people and this task.

Going says, I believe. I trust you Jesus with what I do not see but that you do. You've prepared me for the land you have for me. Not more, not less. So here I am send me.

And so we walk (back) on to this new terrain. Yes I've been a leader. Yes I've done ministry. Yes I've gone to more "big speaker" conferences than I can count. Yet something about this land feels different. Like the real Susie in Christ is showing up. So watch out!

Somehow I don't think it's going to be a grand, loud arrival. Rather a quiet but beautifully strong infiltration.

I have no idea what this will look like (probably not what I think or imagine). I have no idea who the set of characters will be and what situations I will find myself living in. But I hear his voice, "Be in me. Let's walk this together. I will give you the words and a sense 'this is the way' when the time comes. Let's cross this new terrain together. I want to surprise you."

Pray for me. Stand with me. And cover me as I go to this new land, in a new place, with a new me!

I hesitate to even share all this with the blogging world. And you know why? It means I'm expectant. Hopeful. Believing He is at work.


But that's the smaller, old story. I'm gonna live the Bigger one.

I'm me.

He's in me.

That's really all I got to offer.

I either trust in that deposit or I got nothin'.

And so I'm curious. Hopeful. Excited. Walking into a new land with Him.


Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well at the conference.

Tattoos and High Heels said...

Hope all goes well this weekend at the conference, we're praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we love you. Have a rewarding and enjoyable
weekend... Hope to visit soon again. XXOO Dad

Tom & Teri said...

I'll be praying for you to receive exactly what the Lord intends. Come Lord Jesus as my sister is seeking you.
Love you,