Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Arts: "Pregnant Desire" (mixed medium)

I hesitated.

I remember when my bro-in-law saw this art piece for the first time. His first response was, "Cool, I really like the font and design on that!" Then..."You may want to put that away before the guys come over for the party."


This was me "putting it out there." One of those times where so much hope and longing was being awakened I literally felt pregnant with desire.

Sometimes though I confuse the HOPE that fills me with getting my desires met right away.

Case in point. When I painted this I had met someone who really intrigued me.

And as the story goes, he turned out not to be good for me.

But that doesn't mean the desire and longing expanding within was wrong, rather whom my heart was tempted to attach to was misdirected.

That's what is so tender about H O P E.

When we choose hope we are saying my longings aren't something to kill, rather something to open up to, expand in me, carry me...

I live in this tension. Wanting to kill my heart to longing for fear of disappointment (this of course is self protective) verses opening my heart and bringing the longings to Jesus (if I don't do this the greater risk comes from pretending it's not there and where my heart may wonder to try to fill it).

And so I'm learning to bring all of my desires, longings, hopes, disappointments, frustrations, you name it, all of it to Jesus.

Laying them at His feet. (well, it may go more like, here you go, wait can i have that back, oh okay you have my good, here you go again)

This is what "Pregnant Desire" is about, the call for us to live with hearts full of longing and hope for more, faith for what is unseen, and abiding trust in the Good Author who writes the best story for each one of us (even when, for the moment, it may mean hope deferred).

How is your longing and hope being expanded lately?

p.s. spend some time in Hebrews 11 and let it expand your vision to HOPE

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