Monday, May 17, 2010

Melody Mondays? Friday Night Films?...

My sister and bro-in-law are both very gifted marketers (amongst other things), my sis for AOL, her hubby for Six Degrees LA.

I am not sure I got that gene.

So I rely upon smart people, like them, to help me birth musings that lie dormant unless someone says, "Hey, what are you doing with that? Have you ever thought of....?"

That said, this weekend my sister started encouraging me with my blog and the way it's progressing, she then suggested I devote a day to something.

The question is what? What is that something?

I'm still gonna muse about all things close to my heart: FAITH * FAMILY * SINGLENESS * FEMININITY & MASCULINITY * THE MAJESTIC TO THE MUNDANE, but i think she's on to something. But rather than decide for you, I thought I'd put it to a vote!

Let me offer a few things I enjoy and would have plenty to muse on (and you as well):

  • Melody Mondays-- Ok Donald Miller you beat me to it w/ "Sunday Morning Music" but I have lots of music that plays in the foreground of my life that I'd love to share.
  • Friday Films--For years I've watched movies and loved looking for a greater story being revealed within the story. And sometimes I just love musing about the characters, costumes, beauty, darkness...I'm sure I'd have ample movies to review and dialogue about.
  • Weekend Book Fair--I'd revisit some of my favorite books over the years, why I love it, why I return to it (or the author), or perhaps why I've gone off it...
  • Friday Arts--this could include my art, friends' art, films, plays, music.... (oooo I think I have a favorite emerging)
Or perhaps you have an additional one to suggest? What would you like to consistently see here on a given day?

Ok, have at it!

p.s. or... Friday FRIGHT Night!


Susie said...

ok we have one vote for Friday arts.
one vote for Friday Films...
I need more votes!

Anonymous said...

Films and books!