Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Arts: Tanya's Layers

Today's Friday Arts guest blogger is my roommie Tanya.  Enjoy her work!

Me as an artist:
I have never taken an art class but enjoy painting and mixing colors together. When I began painting I mainly did flowers and recently I have started painting beach scenes and symbolic items. These two painting are examples of my most recent types of paintings. 

Hammocks beach scene:
This painting is a very relaxing one. I spent two years living in Mexico City and each year I spent a week in the state of Oaxaca at the beach towns. This painting takes me back to the weeks I spent in Oaxaca because we often took naps in hammocks while enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

Symbolic Crown:
There are a few hidden words and two verses that were my inspiration for this painting. The verses are Philippians 2:5-11 and Hebrews 4:16. A few of the words are "dreams" "hope" and "ability." The thought behind the painting is that of laying all the things in my life that I would be proud of or want to wear symbolically as a crown before the Lord. It causes me to remember that ultimately Jesus is the one who gave up all the power and rights that he was given when He walked on the earth and became nothing so that we could receive grace and mercy whenever we need it.  


Anonymous said...

Tanya-I love your use of colors in these two pictures!
The beach hammock makes me want to be there! XO
and Adios

Michael said...

I think it is amazing how you find kindred spirits everywhere you go. The rest of us envy that about you!