Thursday, December 16, 2010


FA...LA...LA....I told you it's my favorite little phrase and I proudly use it 365 days a year!  But it gets most it's notoriety this time of year.  A time when I, the loan fa la la'er, get to welcome you to my world ( :

Well, how's your "fa la la" season going so far?

Pandora is frozen on my "Bing Crosby Christmas" station. (and it's a welcome delight when Charlie Brown's Christmas theme song comes on, who cannot wiggle in their chair?)

White lights have ambushed my home.

A gingerbread candle fills up the air (sadly no home baked goods to match...that is, until this weekend).

I've had hot chocolate with whipped cream almost every night this week.

And the weather forecast calls for rain...and lot's of it!

All this to say, I am giddy inside-- lit up from within.

And while all those little aforementioned things are helping create this fa, la, la magic, I think it's more because I've created some space to make room for His life.  Songs, prayers, devotionals, all helping prepare the way for my heart.

When Jesus came, there was no room at the inn.  The king of kings and yet no room?  A lowly manger and a messy birth.  And what stuns me more and more every year is that not much has changed.  Jesus today chooses to make his dwelling place, yet still, a messy place...our hearts.  But what's more beautiful is that His life has made this possible!

The new manger, our hearts and lives.

So this time of year I am thankful that he has chosen to "deck the halls" of our hearts.  But it still requires one thing...will we make room?


Lindsay said...

She is back! Thanks for sharing your sentiments Suz and praying for room to be made and for Him to be laid:) Peace to you as you bake this weekend - fun and get to take great joy in the birth of our Savior! xo

Anonymous said...

A great blog. Your thought and wishes are right on!
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Snoopy and the gang would love little Cody Jacob!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Suz!