Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Butterfly

Along with the wondrous favors God bestows on the soul comes this terrible, beautiful torment: She is filled with longing to unendingly drink of the One who gives these blessings. She yearns to die. Everything she sees in this life finds some relief in solitude, but the torment always comes back. And yet, without this pain, the soul feels as if something vital were missing. And so, our little butterfly cannot find any lasting rest. Oh poor little butterfly, bound by so many chains that keep you from flying free wherever you want to go! Have mercy on her, My God. Let her do something toward fulfilling her desires for your honor and glory…But do not feel sorry for this little butterfly. Reinforced by your strength, she can endure any trial. In fact, she is determined to suffer everything for you. Extend your mighty arm, Lord, so that this soul does not have to waste her life in unholy ways. Manifest your greatness in this simple, feminine creature, so that all may see that this is not hers but yours and be moved to give you praise.” 
                                                        --Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle


Anonymous said...

A lovely little butterfly and thought... Life is fragile.
Handle it with care and prayer. I love you.... RCS

Susie Shaw said...

dad this life is fragile handle with care and prayer is the new exhortation for us, isn't it?

will do.

Anonymous said...

Yes! See you soon... Go Cards! Dad

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to have you blogging once again!