Friday, August 17, 2012

And Hello Again...


A simple introduction, loaded with meaning (or not).

Think about it...a HI in passing is just kind, it's acknowledging presence.

But imagine a HI from a wife who has left her husband and now is embarking on return.

HI when you haven't talked to someone in quite some time.

HI after a friend wakes up from life and death surgery and moves into recovery.

HI when you're about to step in to unchartered conversational terrain.

HI when you don't know what to say only know you have to say something.

HI of relief when you get to see a friend you live far away from, a friend who settles you into feeling the best version of yourself.

HI to a place that scares you and excites you.

HI to putting yourself out there again, for better or worse

So today I would like to say, "HI."

I've missed you, but the space apart has been good.  I'm happy to connect again but a little nervous and unsure of where the conversation will go.

I'm excited to celebrate the sacred--in you, around you, and with you.

Have a blessed weekend and say HI to someone you haven't in a while ( :


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,
It is sooo nice to have you back on your blog!

Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hello again! Great to have you
back blogging for all your fans.
Your welcome photo is nice!

blue_collar_scholar said...

Please keep me posted about how things progress! i have nothing but hope for you =) And thanks again for the talk. It was quite refreshing to my soul.