Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Saw Him Today

I saw him today.

I almost missed connecting though.  Had I been "too busy" or just looking at appearances or dismissive, I would have missed it.

He asked for my help. Was he actually reading the price right? He had a vision.  A vision he had only shared with one other person. Inspired by a friend he wanted to start a lending library in his neighborhood. Our side table with a cabinet was perfect and priced down at only $3. Could it be? The piece he was looking for he could afford?  

His worn eyes glowed with anticipation readying for the project. Dreams becoming reality. I listened intently as he shared his hopes of, "Take a book, leave a book. We could even put the Bible in there." Those eyes of hope.  

Those eyes.

Those eyes.

There he was...Jesus. Jesus in a Thrift Store.

Offering l i f e.

In this moment I realize I could have missed it. Missed the l i f e. Missed the t r u t h before me.

I didn't do much, just paused.  P a u s e d.

And I wonder if that isn't one of the greatest disciplines we can form? Learning to pause and take in the moment. The little moments that add up to big moments, where our Savior can teach us to walk in his ways and become more like Him. To see Him in our neighbor.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40


Anonymous said...

I see a short story or novel on the people and characters who come into your store and in and out of your life. A chapter on each: The old man, down on his luck, who once was a successful businessman, the thirty something frumpy woman with two toddlers who was once happily married, the defrocked priest, the
Mexican day laborer, the homeless man... The Thrift
Store of Life. RCS

Anonymous said...

You're the best, Susie!

Anonymous said...

Get better soon! I love you. RCS