Monday, December 17, 2012

Sacred Moment Monday

(Image: Washington Post)

The most sacred moments often happen in silence.  When the heart is still, able to contemplate and carry the weight of what's happening in the moment.

Last weeks events bring on such silence. That moment when we as a collective whole are brought together through tragedy and enter into the great silence.  




Groans from another place within.

Today we pause to enter this space and pray.

Even when, or most especially when, we have no words but to enter this sacred space and groan, trusting in the One who can carry us through.

We pause and pray.

(In addition to prayers this was passed on from a friend. I think this grief support book would be a great blessing to the children and families. In her words, "Go to NEW HOPE GRIEF SUPPORT website and order a couple of books, "A Kid's Journey of Grief". It's wonderful activity book for children that we use for kids grief groups. Let's get a hundred to send them to use in the weeks ahead as the school tries to wade through this journey of grief will all kids affected from this.  Let's be the arms of Jesus in a very practical way!)

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Anonymous said...

A true tragedy. We need to love and cherish all around
us even more.