Friday, June 7, 2013

Celebration Friday




Glory to God in the Highest for Sabbath!!!

Seriously, looooong week.  And it's getting longer with a ginormous BAG SALE at the Thrift Shop today and tomorrow.

But now I  c e l e b r a t e.....

BAG SALES!  Seriously where else can you get all that loot for $5? (And yes I get a bag, and yes it feels like stealing, and no I can't be your personal shopper).

New hair cuts!
My friend Kristen is seriously VanGogh with color! And look at the perfect swoopy bangs....My cup runneth over!

Precious niece turning 8!?!?
Oh, this sweet girl. It fees like yesterday we were rushing to San Jose to catch her entry into the world.  Watching her come into the world, the beautiful agony and glorious delight, still the most memorable and stunning day of my life!

This group.
Including this guy...
Oh, and this dog.
After a year, yes a year because with this group it's not easy to be in one place at one time, we have finished sharing our life story/faith journey. What a gift! To enter the nuances, tensions, highs and lows, turning points and climaxes of another's life. And now to take all that and learn to breathe life---gospel life--into each each other unfolding, wondrously mysterious process.

And finally I'm celebrating, R E S T.

This lovely lady and her hubs have been traveling around Europe.
I'm vicariously living through her travels.  But, oh am I ready, for her return to the thrift shop. Me tired. 

But isn't summer great? (Yes, I include May)....getting outside yourself and your little world to travel. Making extra s p a c e for new friends and experiences.  Less make up, longer days, lingering nights, indeed I declare it   f a n t a s t i c !


Anonymous said...

Another great blog... Your photos are so fun... Your new hair style looks amazing! TGIF, Love RCS

Anonymous said...

I think you look great in your new hairdo!

Save your strength for Tahoe.

I expect you are looking forward to Tiffany coming back. You often don't realize how much a person does in a business or home until they are not doing it!!