Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

I started a post asking the question what does it mean to consecrate our lives to Christ.  It's a big topic and I think a core theological concept not only in my life with Christ but some of the message on my heart.  That said, it's not ready to be posted.  It needs more space, thought, and research.  I'm tempted to just post it and "get 'er done" but I'm pretty sure that's impatient Susie talking and I'm learning to lay her down.

Ok so the other thing I've been reflecting on...anticipating....gearing up for....or perhaps better said, gearing down for...

S U M M E R !

Oh sweet summer how do I love thee, let me count the ways....
  1. Change of pace.
  2. Lingering sunny evenings.
  3. A "new room," rather patio opening up in the casa. (Duh, it's there all year but in my smoldering 1950s house it is muy necessario in June, July, August, & September!)
  4. Summer movies.  I know most come out in May but still.  I go to more movies than usual and love it!

  5. Iced tea. I drink LOTS MORE iced tea in the summer and so should you! Delish! And when I'm visiting The South in August you better believe I'm gonna be Bojangle's in it up! Fried chicken and sweet tea here I come!
  6. Which of course leads to vacations! Ahhh majestic Tahoe and sweet Carolina...I. Can't. Wait.
  7. Balmy nights. Oh wait, I live on the Central Coast, ahhh...foggy nights! Bahahaha....
  8. Beach days.  Oh glorious beach days! Book and magazines in tow, lean back chair, watermelon and chips...Shell & Avila beach here I come! No Pismo, nope. Valley visitors, one too many for me.
  9. Barbecues! Bring on the hamburgers, hot dogs, tri-tip, fruit salad, strawberry shortcake!!! Yes, yes! We love thee!
  10. Summer lovin'--Oh wait...What the heck? Bring it!
    And one more for good measure....

    11. These silly doodles and their wacky ways!!!

    Thank you Jesus for seasons. Seasons of the heart and seasons in the year.  We welcome replenishment, lightness of being, relaxing, lingering, playing, and the many things you have in store as we welcome you into all of it!


Anonymous said...

Welcome summer! What a great blog and exciting thoughts of things to come... I love you. RCS

jartif said...

I love this blog entry and wish I could enjoy a beach day with you, Suz!