Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday (on a Tuesday...hey, it's summer!)

My weekend revolved a lot around Les Miserables.  Friday night the local production of the play and Saturday the movie musical.

What is it about musicals? The choruses and melodies, the passion and angst, the orchestra and movements from the high notes to the low, it touches me in the deepest place.

Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream" case and point!

In heaven I wonder if we will look back on our lives as a triumphant musical? A captivating story of death and life, hope deferred and then fulfilled, sorrow and angst coupled with beauty and splendor.

Life is better set to music.  Music draws out our soul, names our disposition, rises and falls to help settle cavernous places of unknowing.

A wonderful spiritual exercise is to reflect back on a few meaningful songs throughout your life.  Ask yourself:

  • What was going on in my life when this song first came my way?
  • What lyrics pop out?
  • When does your heart skip a beat or ache?
  • What haunts you in the melody?
  • Jesus, where is your voice?

Now, I'd like to share a couple of mine.

This song came out in Junior High when hormones ran rampant and teenage angst sprung up on me like wildflowers. I ached to be seen, cared for, and pursued like this man sang about.  Only I didn't know that it was really Jesus alluring my heart and longing to speak tenderly to me in the ache.

During my early days on CRU staff, 1998 to 2003 I was going through a dark night of the soul.  God at times felt cruel and I felt empty. Longing for intimacy but facing my own internal barriers to love.  One day after an intense soul care session with Patti I was listening to the radio when I felt the Spirit nudge me to listen up. He wanted me to know how present and involved he was in the moments of my day. My soul was just beginning to awaken to the depths and riches of his pursuit.

The last one is definitely part of the soundtrack of my days.  This came on the seen in the mid-nineties when I saw the play. Yet it wasn't until the movie version and living in a tender season of singleness that Jesus illuminated his voice and fierce pursuit through the words.  This song is a constant reminder that he just wants to be with me and share in all of life with me.  The dark night and longer than expected seasons of waiting are not to hurt me but for my ultimate freedom. If I'll just open my heart and let him be with me, fight for me, share in, and care for me through it all.

So what about you? What might be the soundtrack playing in the background of your life?  It might surprise you!

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Anonymous said...

Great songs,great thoughts,great emotions and truths-
time after time. Dad