Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

Last Friday I had every intention of linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky but let's just say *life* happened.

Yes, life. The unexpected, up and down and all around, daily reality. Why, oh why, does it still surprise me?

Needless to say my "What I learned in September" post was delayed to today. Not bad, by October 2nd.

So drumroll please.....What I learned in September:

1) Doughnuts from fancy southern California places cost more because they're worth more! Sidecar in Costa Mesa was a m a z i n g. I've never had a glazed donut taste so light and pure. That pinkish purple one. Delectable! I had no idea blueberries on puffed dough could taste so amazing. And don't even get me started on this one...
You can see bits and pieces of the oooey-gooey chocolate goodness but not much. I demolished that bad boy in no time flat! Warm, chocolate with sea salt goodness! I. Die. I had know idea one could eat a donut (well three) and not feel that heavy, awful "what have I done?" food fatigue. These were light, not cakey, and delish! Don't get me wrong, this girl loves her cake but having a different kind of donut was a fun experience!

2)  House sitting and caring for these little fellas was a blessing but man-oh-man am I glad to not be a homeowner with ducks! It's a lot of work people!
3)  Two are better than one. I've begun to think of singleness and my contentment (ebbing in and out like the tide) was all a big, cozy blanket of grace.* My man was such a gift helping out housesitting, duck sitting, and moving. Have I told y'all lately how much I love him? Look at him over there cleaning out that play pool/ ducky toilet!? His servant heart and positive attitude bless me in so, so many ways. His character reminds me of the One who transforms lives. How grateful I am Jesus came and continues to come to seek and save the lost. Ten years ago He got a hold of this man and I am forever grateful!
4)  No matter how much you ease into moving. No matter how gradually you chip away at packing those boxes and gathering your things, somehow when it comes to moving week you're still stunned by how. much. stuff. you have?! Shoot me! A book here. A plate there. A missed drawer over there. Gack! I am so happy it's over (well, for now).

My new little roommie enjoyed moving day immensely! (Hey, there's that hottie again helping out!?)

5)  I learned that no matter how thankful and content I can be housesitting, traveling, staying with friends, there is just something innate within me that comes alive creating beauty in my home. A piece of art here, a quote there, a pillow over there....all the little things come together to say, "Hello! Welcome! Stay for a while, nestle in and enjoy..."
Getting to sleep again in my glorious bed? Priceless.
6)  Pains sucks! When you're in it you bear through it, do what it takes to survive, and, hopefully, let others take care of you in the midst.  Last week, I survived an intense toothache that lead to an emergency root canal! The pain was excruciating! I had convinced myself it was a sinus toothache and would run it's course. Boy, was I wrong! Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. when I would have been writing this blog, I was instead hunkered down in the dentist's chair being told the next 4 hours would be spent getting a root canal and temporary crown. Joy!? This girl has had a lot of work on her teeth. Thank you Jesus for the orthodontist! But let me tell ya', a root canal is intense! There must have been 20 steps to the process. I felt like I had half a dozen contraptions on my face. At one point, I got so curious....I...I...
I took this picture. I. Had. To. What on earth were they doing in there? Well there it is...the wonky green tent and "water-weenie like" contraption smothered on my face complete with ridiculous shades. When the toothache was going on...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....and I was squeezing the hell out of Mr. Wonderful's hand in agony, tilting my head this way and that to relieve the pressure and find relief, I told myself, "It's not that bad. It will get better."  

Well, guess what? I. Was. Wrong. Sometimes we don't tell ourselves the truth (well the whole truth) when we're hurting. This week I see more clearly. The thing causing the pain had to be worked on and part of it ripped out. This week I'm praising the Lord for the pain that lead to the healing.

Whew! Bu-bye September and Hellllooooo October. I'll leave us with Miss Anne Shirley of Green Gables, "I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers."

* I realize this is a very general statement to make and not flushed out. By no means am I saying being in a relationship is "better than" or "I've arrived," rather simply that I can see more clearly God's grace with friends, family, living in the ache, etc. now and how he faithfully carried me through it and will continue to carry me. I intend to write a more flushed out blog about my transition from singleness to a serious relationship in future blog(s).


Anonymous said...

You've survived and now live it up in October! Love,

Anonymous said...

Two ARE better than one, except when it comes to root canals... See you soon. Go Cards. RCS