Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebration Friday

Woo-hoo its Friday which means fall fun.

Well, fall fun with a heatwave. Yes, it is supposed to be 90 degrees here on the Central Coast. But this girl will be in Palo Alto cheering on the Cardinal! Go Stanford!
Which leads to some things I'm celebrating this week....

I am celebrating my man who has tackled my heart and not let go.  Can I tell you for how many years I have imagined taking a boyfriend to one of these games? It. Is. Finally. Happening. He will be joining Daddy Shaw and Uncle Doug, the mad alumni, so please pray for him! 

I'm also celebrating living with this little cutie.
This was the first of many Saturday morning "gatherings" in my room. Better said, "Auntie Sue's b i g bed!" Our visit was complete with Netflix cartoons, Grandmas old jewelry, and book reading. This auntie is looking forward to many more special Saturdays!

Finally, I'm celebration this spunky, quick witted, lovely lady.
Margaret is ninety-one and such a gift in my life.  One day I hope to post more of her story here. Seriously gang, her life story is a bit like a Nicolas Sparks movie. Last night, she got to tell my parents more of it. As she shared, I was struck with her surprise (yet again) that we found it all so interesting. To her it's just her life but to us it was captivating! War, a tragic end to a budding romance, fulfilling her deceased fiance's dream, traveling with Hudson Taylor's missionary group to China....see people? Awesome!

But isn't it true? You think your life is just our life, no big thing.  But God gave you divine dignity as image bearers. Then when Jesus get's a hold of you, transfixing your heart, the story becomes epic! His intimate involvement, redirection, and transforming grace is the story our world is desperate to hear. How has Jesus changed your life? How is he continuing to change your life? You must tell it and let yourself hear it, really hear it, again and again. Telling it helps ground you, shape you, and draw you back to the center of His life. Yes, sharing the story about little ol' you and this Jesus you seek to follow matters. Deeply! 

So with that, go have a great weekend celebrating football, Grandma (or adopted one's), and Jesus' life going forth in you. Yes you! He lives, dwells, and has his being within you so why not start believing it, enjoying it, and letting others share in your joy!

Happy Friday Folks!

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