Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jumping In

Ever feel like you're being asking to dive head first into the unknown? You have a gut sense God is  involved in this crazy jumpy endeavor but it feels absurd, counterintuitive, and terribly disruptive. And yet, and yet, feels like l i f e.

That's me.

For a time, and I don't know how long, I'm going to stop posting to Sacred Celebration.

I need to recalibrate. I need to r e i m a g i n e. I need Him. I need to nestle in to some questions. I need to root deeper into my hiddenness in Him. And truthfully I just have a sense, a little more than a hunch that this is the way, walk in it. 

I don't want the blog to be birthed out of pressure....pressure to be someone, pressure to be seen, pressure to keep up. And it certainly isn't always that, but somedays it is.

I've heard God beckon me this way before and I'd be wise to follow.

I love what Sacred Celebration has become for me...

* it's a place to share my story--and I believe everyone has a story worth sharing and uncovering.

* it's a place to name things in my life and be reminded of the intimate ways of God.

* it's a place to encourage us all that we're not alone, our life is one of meaning and purpose, and we all struggle with that.

* its a place to celebrate the sacred amidst all the mundane, everyday, and normal stuff of life.

But I also know there is more. And for now, I need to let that little seedling have some time to birth and root.

Bless you friends for creating s p a c e in your day to celebrate with me.

Appreciate your prayers.

Much love in Christ,


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