Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog of writing musings

Ok gang...I just reviewed my 200+ pages of book material to which I'm realizing there may be 3 books within...yea my ADD takes me everywhere in this little ol' mind of mine.

So I decided...simplicity is my friend! Narrow the focus of the book. (Oh and my roomies staged a small writing intervention to which they said "yawn, yawn, yawn, if your writing a book tell you're story, not so much teaching, we want the real Susie!")

So to hear my story and journey into vulnerability you'll have to wait for the book....Sacred Offering: The Gift of a Woman's Vulnerability

But if you want to hear the various musings that came up as a result of the writing process (or should that be battle) I'm going to start posting them here.

Hip Hip Hurray! for trying to create solidarity, focus, and unity in my writing... (or at least an attempt hereafter)

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