Thursday, September 24, 2009

Remembering July

This is one of Lisa's favorite holidays.  However, most the time I'm left wanting.  Yet this year did not disappoint thanks to our fabulous Independence Day Hosts IG & FAUF.

First, blueberry picking!

Somehow Kyle ended up stubbing his big toe (and that's a big toe!!!) and WA-LAH, nurse Susie finally got to use the AAA emergency dad got me 7 years ago for Christmas.  Way to go Papa Shaw, always thinking ahead!

Then there was good games and eats at the Shaw Manor.  Mom and Dad way to show patriotic pride!

And, alas, the fireworks!  (Which by the way lasted over 2 hours??!!!)

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Tattoos and High Heels said...

Great update to the blog! Love it Sus, nice work! Let's keep the updates coming, I think the next one should be a feature on your Friday nights out! xoxo