Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Arts: Family Summers

I did this mixed media piece 2 years ago, just a couple months before I packed up my room and drove the moving truck back home to the Central Coast. I'd been gone 10 years and the time just felt right.

It was the beginning of June, my favorite time of year, and summer was in the air. My heart lingered back to old memories....

. . . long summer days at the Foxenwoods Country Club swimming and laying out for hours by the poolside

. . . enjoying Santa Maria world renown strawberries with spongy shortcake and whipped cream!

. . . eating grossly oversized scoops of ice cream dripping down the cone.

. . . Pine trees and emerald green waters reflecting the cool calm water of Lake Tahoe on family vacations.

And all these memories involved family.

The little art doodling was a reminder to me that I was making a choice to move toward family. Sure there was a cost leaving friends and a big city, but the rewards and the new memories made were gonna be worth it.

So now it's early June once again, 2 years later. The nostalgia still lingers here, but new memories are being born.

Some involve places of old, we'll be going back to Tahoe in July.

Some are new, Vancouver this weekend!

But you know what? It's not necessarily the big family events or vacations that stand out, though memorable, it's the little things...

Unexpectedly dropping in on my niece and nephew to be greeted by ecstatic little faces, fogging up the front window, "Auntie Sue! Auntie Sue!"

It's my Mom & Dad waving me good-bye and blowing kisses each and every time I drive away (much like my Grandma and Grandpa did when I was a little girl).

It's having my Aunt Diane drop in on a whim at Starbucks just because she loves me, misses me (cause she hasn't seen me in over a week), and can't wait to catch up!

It's driving with my sister Katie on errands and actually enjoying the experience cause I get some mommy in-action time with her. Here is my little sis, all grown up, savoring the little joys (and moments of annoyed aggravation) with me and her kids.

It's getting a text from my brother Michael and his wife Farah, that they are in town "toodling" around and let's meet up.

It's my lingering walks at night scouting out neighborhoods envisioning where my sister Lisa and her hubby may one day live with their precious baby girl.

Ahhhh....Summer Days.

Oh and by the way, I've had a pint of of strawberries a week!

So, how are you gonna enjoy your family and friends this summer?

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Kaitlin said...

I love the little things Suz. When I was on a walk last night, the Lord spoke to me thru this one big tree's ROOTS. And I kept repeating that word in my mind, "Roots, roots..." and was able to just go back and thank the Lord for the countless ways his roots have been planted in my life. The people, the camps, the organizations, the You gotta love the memories and what it brings up in your heart - so many filled with joy. So happy you can experience family all the time now, like me!! xx