Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Arts: Matt Wertz

I haven't really featured a musician yet so I thought this would be fun for Friday Arts.

I was introduced to our artist of the day, Matt Wertz, by these guys.

Good stuff.

So much so that we decided to go see him live.

We caught his show in Orange County.

And I got to meet him.

Nice guy.

I was especially interested in a song he had called "That for You" (which, ladies, kinda sums it all up that a guy can never be that for us. God wants that position.) We got to talk a bit about that and I told him I wanna put it in the book. It's in the chapter about dismantling the idol of a man.

Ok back to Matt's music.

Since that show I've become a fan of his work and a charity for Africa he and other artists promote (see my blog sidebar for Mocha Club: Wonderful & Practical).

On that note, I think he is a great summer listen. He even has a whole album "Under the Summer Sun" that you should be blasting on those trips up Highway 1 and on the 101 .

Now get off the internet and back to the beach....Enjoy!

And here's the one I mentioned, "That for You"

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