Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upcoming Retreat: Sept 17-19 Slots Still Open!

Learning to Love the Master Retreat:
Developing the Spiritual Discipline of Remembering
You have a story.
And before you had a story, 
 He had The Story, with you in mind.
Come, away. . .
Rest awhile. . .
Quiet yourself. . .
Learn to hear His voice. . .
Feel the rustle of His garments. . .
See the imprints of His hand. . .
Develop “eyes to see, and ears to hear” (I John 1:3)
the Master Storyteller’s message to you,
written through the pages of your life. 
Experience the profound ways He’s always been 
at work writing your love story, releasing you into the joy
of telling His story through you,
His precious child.
opens your eyes to the specific ways God has been involved in your life... 
often before you knew He existed. This group retreat creates silence and solitude 
to listen and learn to hear the voice of God.  Mornings begin with teaching and continue 
with quiet times of reflection and journaling, asking, “God, where were you in the pages 
of my life?  What were you saying?  What were you doing?” Each day ends sharing the story God is revealing in community.  You’ll learn how to hear more clearly the voice of God over the other voices that get in the way.  
If you’re longing for deeper intimacy with God, come, Learn to Love the Master...and just how much He loves you!
NOTE: LLM is unlike most retreats in that if you come late or have to miss a session, 
it will significantly affect you and the rest of the groups experience. 
Please plan to come the whole time.
DATES, COST, & LOCATION:  September 17 (we begin promptly at 7pm) to Sept 19th (we will end around 4pm) We have a beautiful condo at Sierra Summitt! Cost: $140 which includes lodging, food, retreat manual, honorarium (travel and gas is on your own but we will most likely carpool) 
Susie Shaw 805.294.9102


Jason said...

yeah SUZ!! You're gonna rock it!

Susie Shaw said...

Thanks Jay--Miss you! (didn't know you had a blog, now I gotta go take a look)