Friday, November 11, 2011

Pitter Pat, Pitter Pat

It has just started raining here.

I knew it was coming and, yet, the pitter pat outside my window still hits me with unexpected delight.

Perhaps, it's the contentment of cozying up in bed with a day that has margin and room to unfold, that I feel it's peace.  Knowing cleansing and renewal is happening and in the midst I can simply rest in it.  

Aware of what is happening just outside my door yet unencumbered with any sort of responsibility. I simply get to observe, hear, and enjoy the drip drops of the water's life flowing down. Doing it's work and moistening, replenishing the parched land.

Drip, drop. Drip, drop.

This morning Clare of Assisi reminds me of the healing waters. She was ill and confined to a bed for 29 years yet what great influence and poverty of spirit she offered to so many in spite of her circumstance.  Her Savior still moved and worked and filled and invited her to noble purposes. Water poured inward and Life flowing outward.

Pitter pat. Pitter pat.

Today, reading, writing, remembering... I am invited to trust the cleansing and replenishing that is happening. I, like the parched land, receive the gift that renewal is happening even when I only sense it, am not working or striving towards it, but am simply letting it wash over me, freely given.

Drip, drop. Drip drop.  Pitter pat. Pitter pat.

"Whoever  b e l i e v e s  in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of  l i v i n g  
w a t e r  will flow from within them.” John 7:38


Anonymous said...

I do like your raindrops on the window. They look like little diamonds.

By the way I just got off Twitter.
They said I already had joined did you sign me up?


Anonymous said...

I hope we have a lot of night rain this winter. See you soon for Thanksgiving! Love, Dad