Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Spring brings about many delights...birds chirping, flowers blossoming, temperatures rising, April showers bring May flowers (and SLO has finally had some rain), but perhaps most of all it's a time when the old is shed and the new is being formed giving way to the splendor of summer!

But no one enjoys spring cleaning. Wait, that's not entirely true. Monica Geller in FRIENDS went bonkers for the aroma of cleanliness, and honestly this girl loves a good purging. Com'on I work at a Thrift Store for goodness sakes, it's become my livelihood!  
But truly, I think there is something innate within us that lives within these seasonal cycles, to ignore one is to miss something to the very nature of our human make up. But I digress, this is not what this blog is about. Well, not entirely.

For quite some time I've known my little blog has outgrown the name I initially came up with "FA LA LA."  Honestly I think it's rather whimsy.  Like sometimes when I just don't know what to say I insert a little "fa la la."  Or when I'm feelin' a little somethin' for a fella, "Well, fa la la we will see..." Anyone who knows me, understands it's a year round phrase meant not just for December.  While it's not going anywhere in my vocab, I realize it's time for it to leave this particular venue. Doing this (and perhaps why I've put it off) means acknowledging several things for me:

I am a writer.

I have been given something to say. Name. Offer.

I have a place. A position. A territory entrusted to me to nurture, till, care for, and grow.

I have an endowment that's been given and now it is mine to share with you and for you to give away as well.

So I have wrestled with it and finally came up with a new name.  In fact, today I was going to announce it to you. 

And then something funny happened along the way, God changed it.  

I was talking things out with my spiritual director and inviting her into a rather muddled interior room of my heart.  She said, "I like the wallpaper. Tell me what else is in this room."  And my spirit just lifted right up.  As someone who loves to decorate and create beauty that invites I couldn't wait to tell her!  It meant sharing with her what I love....friends & family, movies, music, theatre, food prepared for me (note: not prepared by me), beautiful spaces, candlelight, perfume, kids & babies, glitter (we mustn't forget shimmery goodness!), baked goods, Disneyland, art, magazines, books that bring me into the Greater Story, roses....These things are not just "things" to me, they are sacred. God has breathed his intimate life onto them and I get giddy celebrating it!  Sacred and Celebration.  The Sacred and celebrating the sacred... S A C R E D  C E L E B R A T I O N.

And there it was, newness of life. Before my very eyes, Jesus naming what he's put in me. And when he names, he beckons others into it.  His life breathing into me, replenishes deeply, and springs forth enveloping everything it touches with it.

So  W E L C O M E, once again, to a place to celebrate the sacred!


Anonymous said...

Welcome spring with your charm and freshness...
A celebration of new hopes and dreams.

lindsay said...

Wow, the end of an era and on to something new - proud of you Suz, though I loved the humble beginning of fa la la....here is to celebrating all of the sacredness like we did the eve of our special dinner in Mexico! Thanks Jesus for the name you gave! xo

Kate said...

Love the new name!

Anonymous said...

I love the new name too! It amazes me you can write so much when you have such a busy life.