Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflective Wednesday

Tomorrow, we will gather round the various tables--kiddos scurrying round the "kids table," moms and dads and grandparents sharing memories, friends and adopted family sharing in the celebration, and the empty seats missed and remembered.

Our other guests will also make their presence known; longing and anguish, hope and disappointment, the old man and the new, grief and joy.  While all the usual holiday fanfare ensues during what my friend Kate calls the "ADD holiday meal," I pray we'd be present to the gift of thanksgiving.

A pause in our scurried lives that says, "Come sit at the table.  Eat, drink, remember, and enjoy!"  Jesus spent so much of his time at the table. Welcoming the sinner, "Come! Eat! Dine!"  Tomorrow we are invited into that same spirit of welcome in our lives.

So while my family will have a quieter Thanksgiving, going out to a restaurant (and mind you, no Shaw gathering is ever "quiet" per se), my prayer is we will treasure the many blessings that often come packaged in the tension of grace and humanity. May we welcome, celebrate, and receive them as the gifts they are meant to be.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all... Yes, let's treasure all our blessings throughout the year ahead. RCS

Anonymous said...

It was a very good meal and I enjoyed the company too!

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful!