Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflective Wednesday

Sometimes I show up to writing these posts thinking to myself, "What in the world do I have to say?"  I sit. I stare. I reflect. I wander off.  I come back.  I stare once more at the screen.  Then my fingers begin to type.

In. faith.

Showing up is half the battle.  Believing that if I just create the space and stay the course, something might happen.  And I've done this long enough to know most the time might turns into will happen.

Stepping into the fray of the unknown.  The uncertain.  The unchartered course.  One foot of faith in front of the other, step by wobbly step.  It's only as I walk, feebly though it may be, that I begin to see the great mystery unfold, Christ has gone before me.  He is right there with me.  He has something of Himself to reveal as I show up and let the Spirit "search me and know me" and draw me into the "holy of holies," the inner chamber of my heart where He resides.




It amazes me the riches of His life dwelling in me.  Perhaps because so often I live on the surface, struggling to abide in that inmost place with Him.  I still forget.  I still get lost in the everyday. Normal.  What you see is what you get daily life.

Wake up, O sleeper!

What you see is NOT what you get, there is a whole new spiritual reality around me.

Christ takes black and white living to technicolor, better yet 3-D!

I live in the Kingdom among us. Jesus invites me, moment by moment, to dwell with Him here.  I get to hold hands with the author and perfecter of my faith and watch him remaster the dark, contrasting shades of my life into a technicolor, remastered wonderful work!

But will I trust? That no matter how uncertain. No matter how confusing.  No matter how slowly this kingdom remastering of my life will take, it IS happening.  He IS at work.  He IS working all things together for good.

He is the one that does the work.

My part is to show up, expectantly.  Heck, even when I'm not expectant and fear and shame have done their work, He still finds a way to break through.

So I showed up.  I opened up. I let him wade through the inner chambers and typed, key upon key, believing He really is at work.  He really does have something to say through my life.  He really does want to meet with me here in that inmost place.

It leaves me in holy wonder each and every time.

The God of the universe, speaking to me. ( :


Anonymous said...

I hope you're surprised by many happy times and joy on your trip. Love, RCS

Anonymous said...

I love it!