Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reflective Wednesdays

The heart. The tumultuous, divided, conflicted heart.  The heart that beats for God, His ways, and His abundant life.  The heart that has years, even decades, of going it's own way, providing for itself, not trusting the Father's care.

The heart.

Jesus transfixed it.

Jesus died for it.

Jesus makes all things new.

Yet when the the interior storms come, when the wobbliness of my flesh emerges, when the fear that terrorizes rears his ugly face, I doubt.

Doubt the goodness.

Doubt the newness.

Doubt my Savior has prepared the way, beckoning my heart to traverse a new route.  A new way of knowing.  A new way of responding.

There is a path to life, and the Lord says few find it.  In the frigid and deep waters of that inner chamber, the vessel of that inmost place, He comes. Breathes his calm and peace. Yes even here, especially here Beloved I can contain it all.  

My heart takes in a d e e p breath. Breathing in all the newness, hope, and restored life.

The path amidst the darkness is illuminated.  The Captain at the helm of my heart--strong, steady, and faithful guiding me through deep waters into the joy and pleasure of the deep, wide, expansive Sea of G R A C E.

Let this song draw up the chaos of whatever inner storm you're bearing and rest in the sweet surrender of our Savior's capable, extravagant, strong arms.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blog. Keep dry this weekend and happy
Veterans' Day. RCSd