Monday, November 5, 2012

Sacred Moment Mondays

I walk into the unfamiliar room.  New faces, new surroundings, new experiences.  I wobbly walk the unknown terrain, get my bearings, and feebly trust the one who is guiding me into this new space.

I've never been here and the house, while welcoming, is still new to me. I don't know the various rooms, it's inhabitants, it's little creeks in the night and the way the light hits just so in the morning dawn.

Is it possible to feel both vulnerable and somehow safe at the same time? The strange familiarity of this home yet the old homesick feelings of yesteryear, "Can I trust this place?"

And there she appears, tearing around the corner, her five year old winsome face rushing to greet me. That little dimple and innocent smile wrap their sweet arms around me and whisper, "Hello" as if to say, While unfamiliar to you, you can find safety in this place.

W E L C O M E.

God gently wrapping his arms around me, able to hold and contain the hopes and discomfort of this new place.

He is with me, always beckoning me into the new, unknown and calling it good for He is with me always carrying me  h o m e.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is so nice- sincere and insightful.