Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebration Friday

This week I'm celebrating.....

My niece coming home from N.I.C.U. Woo-hoo, little peanut is almost 5 pounds!

Fun, creative outlets at work! The Stitch Market was yesterday and today. It's always crazy setting up. We look at the pile of stuff and go, "Wait, how is this gonna work?" Then it does and it's whimsy delight! So many inspiring and great vendors!

Now, tomorrow I'm sharing at a women's tea on beauty and intimacy with Christ and all that good stuff.  Oh how I love afternoon teas! Pray it goes well, I show up rested in the Lord, and offer the beauty that comes when we catch Jesus' gaze and choose to abide there.
Whew! This week has been full.  And now is where I share the unexpected...but I feel a peace and rest.  
Love it!  Me likey.  I feel present within myself and the Lord pacing me.  Do you ever feel like you're five paces ahead and going, Arrrghhh, help!? 

Jesus gives each of us our portion.  A specific entrustment to do and be and dwell within.  I think sometimes I fill up the whole plate, piled high instead of live within the peace and restraints of my portion. When I do relax into this I seem to have more energy, a better ability to say NO (mostly to myself), and a fuller enjoyment of people.

To this I am grateful.

Believe it or not, while I still don't know what it all meant, I think this mindset was assisted by Sunday's Labyrinth experience.

What are you thankful for this week?

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