Monday, July 15, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

Can a whole week be a sacred moment? This vacation to Lake Tahoe felt like such a gift to play, wander, enjoy, and take in so much of God's creation. I was telling a friend how the trip had no traditional "quiet times" so-to-speak, yet felt very much like a giant t h a n k  y o u to God for his movement and gifts in my life.

The pic above was the view outside my window.

Not bad, right?

There were sweet cream kisses....
Little people adventures biking through b r e a t h t a k i n g  b e a u t y....

Girls night out (which is a rarity with all these doodles)....
We joked when Dad made a special appearance at the beginning of our night that he was our *Sugar Daddy.*
And today, as I re-look through these pictures and type these words it's a memory with the n o w upon me.  A friend asked today how my re-entry from vacation was going? I thought that such a good question because on any trip a part of you chooses to go off duty and just show up to the experience.

Oh, how I hope to adopt this to my life.  To simply be and trust in the unfolding journey.  To anticipate goodness, safety, and peace. Not because the world is these things. Not because life is one big vacation and we don't have responsibilities and things to steward. But because Jesus is my safety. Jesus is for my good. Jesus will bring his rule of peace wherever and whenever. My job is to show up to life--it's beauty, tragedy, darkness, and light, all the tensions of living in the now and not yet. 

To trust, abide, and put one foot in front of the other, "He has me...he really, really has me."

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Anonymous said...

It was a lovely time... Thanks for the blog and photos. I especially like the picture of the 5 little people together.
Have a wonderful week. Dad