Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebration Friday

This week I'm celebrating....

Finally seeing a movie this summer on the big screen that captured my heart and cracked me up. The Way, Way back was way, way good!
Cuddles and coos with this little one.
"Hi Auntie Sue. Here we are again, you and that iphone..."
"So we're gonna do this again, huh? Okay give me a sec to gear up. Cue Mama's silly faces please."
"Now we're talkin'. She is simply the silliest! What those sounds are she's making I do not know, but they are ridiculous and hysterical to me."
"Stop already you two are killing me. No, really, killing me! I will give ya' a little more cuteness just to get this iphone appendage you carry off of me. How's this? Whew! Good another photo shoot done."

I'm celebrating nature's pom-poms. How cute are these buds that pop up in July?
And, of course, I'm celebrating that it's Friday which means enjoying this little one's 3rd birthday!
How this little baby is now three is beyond me? This auntie is b l e s s e d that she lives so close and we get to make all sorts of fun memories together. Emma I love your coy nature, tender heart, pretty dresses, silly faces, innovative imagination, and precious love of Jesus and others. You are a dear!

So hip, hip, hooray for the weekend! Pray you savor it, hold those dear to you close, and celebrate our Savior!

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Anonymous said...

Wow1 That preemie has become a hulk! Nice blog, Susie. RCS